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  1. He was a director of Mirror Group Newspapers from 1976 to 1988.
  2. Johnson is the first Mirror Group Newspapers journalist to admit to phone hacking.
  3. The two men and the Mirror Group Newspapers filed their lawsuit in October 1991.
  4. Last year, Newspaper Publishing was taken over by a consortium led by Mirror Group Newspapers.
  5. Ian Maxwell, 38, became chief of Mirror Group Newspapers.
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  7. He was the Department of Trade and Industry Inspector into Mirror Group Newspapers plc in 1992.
  8. A British trial court awarded Eugenia Williams " substantial damages " from the Mirror Group Newspapers.
  9. Also in 1991, Maxwell sold 49 % of the stock of Mirror Group Newspapers to the public.
  10. In 1999 Trinity merged with Mirror Group Newspapers to become Trinity Mirror, the largest stable of newspapers in the UK.
  11. The national press is virtually controlled by News International, Mirror Group Newspapers, United Newspapers, Associated Newspapers and the Daily Telegraph.
  12. Most, like the Gallaher Ltd . tobacco unit of American Brands and Mirror Group Newspapers, also left for New Saatchi.
  13. In July 2011 Bailey launched an investigation into editorial controls and procedures at Mirror Group newspapers following allegations of phone hacking.
  14. In 1984 Mirror Group Newspapers was acquired by Robert Maxwell, " the maniac on the ninth floor ", according to Goodman.
  15. The accountancy firm and other professional advisers involved with sale of stock in Maxwell's Mirror Group Newspapers in 1991 were also criticized.
  16. For the preceding three years, he was the Managing Director of Mirror Group Newspapers-responsible for some five national and 240 regional newspapers.
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