mode 9造句


  1. GTIA modes 9 and 11 do not process playfield collisions.
  2. Rapper Mode 9 took home two awards, making him the biggest awardee of the night.
  3. He was also featured on numerous tracks by other artist, among which is " Bad Guy Baller " featuring Mode 9 and VTEK and a track by Oba Mmega.
  4. In 2010, model Munachi Abii ( Lux soap brand He was in turn criticised for the way he handled the situation, some calling him arrogant, but within a month of the incident, Muna and Mode 9 performed together on the same stage at " Industry Nite ".
  5. M . I's popularity has grown quickly over the years in Nigeria as he has become one of the most critically acclaimed rap artists, and has recently been compared to other artists like Naeto C, el Dee, D'banj, 9ice and Mode 9 . He was listed as the fourth most talented rapper in Nigeria by online music site Notjustok . com.
  6. It's difficult to find mode 9 in a sentence. 用mode 9造句挺难的
  7. In the late-eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, some chant reformers ( notably the editors of the Mechlin, Pustet-Ratisbon ( Regensburg ), and Rheims-Cambrai Office-Books, collectively referred to as the Cecilian Movement ) renumbered the modes once again, this time retaining the original eight mode numbers and Glareanus's modes 9 and 10, but assigning numbers 11 and 12 to the modes on the final B, which they named Locrian and Hypolocrian ( even while rejecting their use in chant ).


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