1. Wilhelm Mohnke to try and break out of the Soviet encirclement.
  2. Divisional commander Wilhelm Mohnke ordered Knittel to return to the Leibstandarte.
  3. Wilhelm Mohnke to bring any available medical supplies to the Reich Chancellery.
  4. Wilhelm Mohnke that included secretaries Else Kr黦er and Traudl Junge.
  5. Mohnke's command post was in the bunkers under the Reich Chancellery.
  6. It's difficult to find mohnke in a sentence. 用mohnke造句挺难的
  7. This dossier differs in part from the accounts given by Mohnke and Rattenhuber.
  8. Mohnke and his fellow officers sentenced Fegelein to death.
  9. Division was now under Mohnke's central command.
  10. Wilhelm Mohnke's lead break-out group.
  11. Wilhelm Mohnke as to the situation along front lines of the government district.
  12. Hitler considered releasing him without punishment or assigning him to Mohnke's troops.
  13. Wilhelm Mohnke which broke out of the bunker and tried to escape from Berlin.
  14. Mohnke planned to break out towards the German Army, which was positioned in Prinzenallee.
  15. Wilhelm Mohnke arrived on the battlefield.
  16. After hard fighting, Mohnke was awarded the Knight's Cross on 11 July 1944.
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