moondyne joe造句


  1. During the 1860s, it was home to bushranger Moondyne Joe.
  2. Moondyne Joe was given a ticket of leave in May 1871.
  3. Moondyne Joe is a convict who escapes after being victimised and mistreated by a cruel penal system.
  4. On 7 March 1867, Moondyne Joe escaped through a hole he had made in the prison wall.
  5. Eventually, in April 1871, Comptroller General Wakeford heard from Moondyne Joe of Hampton's promise.
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  7. The museum records the history of the serial escapee Moondyne Joe and his imprisonment in the " native cell ".
  8. Moondyne Cave was discovered in 1881 by Joseph Bolitho Johns, who had formerly been the bushranger known as Moondyne Joe.
  9. The next person is an escapologist : Moondyne Joe escaped capture a number of times and died in a lunatic asylum.
  10. The bushranger Moondyne Joe used the area as a hide-out with his cave and corral situated within the park boundaries.
  11. In 1861, Western Australia's notorious bushranger Moondyne Joe was imprisoned in Toodyay for stealing a horse, but escaped.
  12. A few days before the second anniversary of his escape, Moondyne Joe tried to steal some wine from the cellars at Houghton Winery.
  13. The song is by an unknown writer and was found in a booklet of songs entitled, " Moondyne Joe and other Sandgroper Ballads ".
  14. For absconding and for being in possession of a firearm, Moondyne Joe was sentenced to twelve months in irons, and transferred to Fremantle Prison.
  15. In 1982 they performed a musical " Moondyne Joe " ( about the bushranger of that name ) at the Regal Theatre in Subiaco.
  16. As punishment for escaping and for the robberies committed while on the run, Moondyne Joe received five years hard labour on top of his remaining sentence.
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