1. After Moone refused to shoot, Sisk shot the Nazi dead.
  2. She was moored at the Nauticus Museum and Half Moone Cruise terminal.
  3. This has been adapted by Lee Moone with new material and songs.
  4. His second wife had a son called Thomas Moone.
  5. His name was translated as " the Moone God " by Puritan Marblehead peninsula.
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  7. As a result, Moone said Faroudja has also held discussions with several set manufacturers.
  8. Wounded, the Nazi ran up a hill and Lynch ordered Moone to shoot him.
  9. Moone refused, and Sisk killed the man with a single, fatal rifle shot.
  10. Brooke was accused of scuttling the " Moone " and theft of the jewels.
  11. Godwin's " The Man in the Moone " was also published in 1638.
  12. "It's really amazing, " said Michael Moone, Faroudja's president.
  13. Her composer, Lulu in 1969 and " Happy Everything " for Maggie Moone being his most memorable.
  14. The station also covers Coventry RFC, with regular reports of games from John Butler and Richard Moone.
  15. A third series of " Moone Boy " went into production in the summer of 2013.
  16. Song number two was by Maggie Moone, a solo singer from Birmingham, singing " Happy Everything ".
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