1. Later that evening Mordy told me how things had gone.
  2. The Mordy ghetto was liquidated on August 22, 1942.
  3. Thanks to Mordy Maduro many foreign teams visited Cura鏰o during his presidency.
  4. The team includes Freeman, James Averill, James Mordy and David Fassnacht.
  5. Alpert served as a rabbi in Orlya in 1877 and Mordy in 1880s.
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  7. Worried, Mordy did another CAT scan to see if a new abscess had formed.
  8. With Mordy, it was clear he believed in the community and he worked with us.
  9. Mordy Hoschander is an oral surgeon.
  10. I told Mordy over the phone.
  11. But with friends and girls, I'll just say my name is Mordy ."
  12. With Bryce's airway protected by the plastic endotracheal tube, Mordy could roam at will.
  13. Each Saturday, the synagogue attracts more than 200 congregants, said Rabbi Mordechai " Mordy"
  14. Freeman and Neff have worked with Averill and Mordy for 10 years and with Fassnacht for four years.
  15. At that point, Mordy said, he stitched a soft rubber drain into the wound and started probing the mouth.
  16. The original Penang Jewish community has ceased to exist with the death of Mordecai ( Mordy ) David Mordecai on 15 July 2011.
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