1.  I started my film career in Chennai assisting Ameer in " Mounam Pesiyathey ".
  2. His next venture was Vikraman's " Unnai Ninaithu " followed by " Mounam Pesiyadhe " directed by Ameer Sultan.
  3. There is also a dubbed Telugu version of " Mounam Pesiyadhe ", titled as " Kanchu ", which released in 2006.
  4. "' Mounam Kalaikirathu "'is a triangular love story, where Anand Babu and Jeevitha Rajasekhar are lovers, but Suresh too loves Jeevitha without knowing of her relationship with Anand.
  5. "Malai Malar " of 22 December 1986 reviewed Mounam Kalaikirathu as a watchable movie for youth . " Dina Sari " dated 5 December mentioned the film as a passable entertainer.
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  7. Some of his memorable songs are Deva Dumdubi, Poovataka, Alorungi arongoringi, Maunagale chanchaduvan, Manjanikombil, Mizhiyoram, Aayiram kannumai, Vaachalam en mounam, Kiliye, Pennite chenchudil are his some of his hits.
  8. He has been nominated in the category of Best Upcoming Vocalist ( Male ) in Malayalam ( 2013 ) by Music Mirchi Awards, for his rendition of the song'Iniyum Nin Mounam'for the movie KQ.
  9. Among her various soundtracks, the songs which won the hearts of millions were her melodies " Mounam Chorum Neram . . . " from'Om Shaanti Oshaana'and " Raavu Maayave . . . " from'Vettah '.
  10. The film's score as well as the soundtrack were scored by Yuvan Shankar Raja, teaming up with his friend Ameer Sultan following two successive successful collaborations in " Mounam Pesiyadhe " ( 2002 ) and " urumee.
  11. She tried her luck in the industry by singing background score in 2013 for the Malayalam movie'Hotel California'starring Anoop Menon, Jayasurya etc . Soon in 2014, she debuted into Playback Singing in Indian Film Industry with her songs " Mounam Chorum Neram . . . " and " Sneham Cherum Neram . . . " for the Malayalam movie'Ohm Shanthi Oshana'starring Nivin Pauly and Nazriya Nazim.
  12. Mounam Ravi of "'Dina Sari "'appreciated the director MKI Sukumaran for presenting a strong love story, saying that he is the true successor to his guru J . Mahendran Ramji from "'Makkal Kural "'wrote that the film is a treat for Lovers and will haunt the minds for the tragic end . "'Dina Dhooth "'recommended this film for college students and appreciated the director . "'Moon "'magazine mentioned that the film is a treat for youngsters.


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