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  1. None of the imperiled is a mound builder like the river chub.
  2. We are a sovereign people, Native American Creeks, Seminole, Washitaw Mound Builders.
  3. We can conclude that these mound builders were very organized people.
  4. Others recognize a setting among the mound builders as the book's original setting.
  5. After visiting mound builder myth " and still has supporters in society today.
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  7. Next came another group of Indians known as Mound Builders.
  8. "The Mound Builders " and " Fifth of July ."
  9. In 1933 the Middletown Area Council was renamed to the Mound Builders Area Council.
  10. Mound Builders Area Council primarily had only two districts, Fort Ancient and Pokey Griffith.
  11. This practice resulted in the Woodland people being called the Mound Builders by 19th-century observers.
  12. The Adena were the region's first serious mound builders.
  13. His passion was studying the Mound builders in 1931.
  14. "' Draketown "'is an Creek Indians replaced the Mound Builders and began their own society.
  15. The Mayaimis built ceremonial and village mound builders.
  16. The first inhabitants of the lake area were Mound Builders, most likely the Potawatomi or Miami.
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