1. The species is a mouthbrooder that spawns readily in the aquarium.
  2. It is probably a mouthbrooder, like most of the smaller snakeheads.
  3. Like all arowanas, it is a carnivorous mouthbrooder.
  4. The species is noted for being a biparental mouthbrooder.
  5. The White barbel is a mouthbrooder as are the other members of this family.
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  7. The Banggai cardinalfish is a paternal mouthbrooder.
  8. It is a bi-parental mouthbrooder.
  9. Pseudotropheus saulosi is a maternal mouthbrooder.
  10. As other members of the genus " Pseudocrenilabrus ", it is a mouthbrooder.
  11. This cichlid is a mouthbrooder and the female broods the eggs in her mouth for about three weeks.
  12. The mouthbrooder who previously was thought to be Heros severus was classified as Heros Liberifer by Staeck, Wolfgang & I . Schindler.
  13. Like other members of its family, this species is a paternal mouthbrooder, the male tending the eggs by storing them in his mouth.
  14. It is suspected to be a mouthbrooder and eats a wide range of foods, including arthropods and small fish, but unlike in some relatives, no frogs.
  15. This small mouthbrooder reaches about in length, and is found in rivers, lakes, and other freshwater habitats in Eastern Africa from Egypt and as far south as Tanzania.
  16. Some paedophagus fish specialise in feeding on the young of mouthbrooding cichlids, ramming the buccal cavity of the mouthbrooder to dislodge, and then consume the eggs or larvae held within.
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