1. The effect is a less fermentable wort , with a bit more mouthfeel than beer made with a pale ale malt
  2. Its smooth and solid mouthfeel is very different from sponge or chiffon cake s springy and moist quality
  3. Also be one of crab of important edible sea , the flesh is solid and mouthfeel pine is tender , flavour is delicious
  4. Deep ruby color , rich and complex aromas of blackberry and for long incense , has a fruity bouquet of blackcurrant , mouthfeel supple fullness
  5. Palate : a medium - weight wine showing blackberry , ripe cherry and sweet mocha oak flavours . the mouthfeel is soft and fresh with light , but balanced , tannins
  6. It's difficult to find mouthfeel in a sentence. 用mouthfeel造句挺难的
  7. Color and stabilization are excellent ; more respect to varieties fruity , long and rich aromas ; with mouthfeel , complex , aging value , for high quality grand red wine
  8. Rich , plumy red in colour . commercially appealing style with dark raspberry fruit flavours supported by mocha and spice . provides ripe red cherry and strawberry flavors with a soft , velvety mouthfeel
  9. However , the processing quality and food quality of hybrid rice is not good due to high amylose content and hardness , low gel viscosity and bad mouthfeel etc . these problems were improved through regular breeding methods but it was only slightly . the main aim of this study was to modify rice starch quality by molecular biology methods


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