1. "I am opposed to antisemitic mouthings, or anybody's religion being under attack,"
  2. After his mouthings last week about Taiwan independence, the hope is that he won't suddenly change.
  3. That slice of fandom that mourned Mantle and denigrated Tyson has a chance in 1996 to put its money where its mouthings are.
  4. As for the violent mouthings of the chief organizer, Khallid Abdul Muhammad, few sensible people would deem them anything but pathology masquerading as thought.
  5. On cue, the presidential press secretary then dismissed the first lady's carefully crafted statement as the uncleared mouthings of some ditzy spouse who would not again be " venturing into the Middle East peace process anytime soon ."
  6. It's difficult to find mouthings in a sentence. 用mouthings造句挺难的
  7. Between his training sessions in Hawaii for his June 8 title bout with the heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis in Memphis, much of Tyson's mouthings in various cable-television interviews have been so vulgar and so vile they can't be quoted here.
  8. Mix in myriad explosions, car chases, spectacular fight sequences, a hip-hop soundtrack, a beautiful French locale and ( for the stray smarty-pants audience member ) existentialist mouthings and a reference to Proust, and how could the movie miss?
  9. Elmer Nelson Bischoff, in his late thirties and forties had an extensive phase of what he called " Picassoesque mouthings . " He took the Abstract work much more seriously than Park and consequently his Abstract work was much more popular than that of Park's Abstract work.
  10. The film reviewed by the " Chicago Tribune " as  senseless, but eye intriguing & The basic plot is splashed over with songs and dances and the mouthings and eye and hand work of Carmen Miranda, who sure would be up a tree if she ever had to sing in the dark . 
  11. Moving back and forth between power centers in the United States and Japan, it stitches together newsreels, interviews and dramatizations, not quite seamlessly but often effectively, and picks up considerable force in its second half, when it leaves the mouthings of the movers and shakers to focus on the American airmen who actually moved the bomb and shook the world.


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