1. Different niches , having different requirements , result in different genes and different shaped mouthparts
  2. The position a particular animal occupies in the strata of a food web is determined by its size , the anatomy of its mouthparts and its feeding preferences
  3. And her head jerked in spasms , making a spattering noise ; her antennae crisped and burnt away and her heaving mouthparts cracked like pistol fire
  4. The third used an anatomical technique ? the dimensions of the mouthparts ? that is also applied to the finches of the galapagos islands which , tradition has it , set darwin thinking about the species problem in the first place
    第三种方式使用了一种解剖学技术? ?根据口器的尺寸,这种方式也曾被用于加拉帕哥斯群岛的雀类,传统观点认为正是这种分类使得达尔文首先考虑物种问题。
  5. Those who had prolonged binging and severely self - induced vomiting may have their stomach , eyes capillaries , internal mouthparts and fingers damaged , resulting in facial swelling or dental erosion . older age of onset and persistent fat - phobia were found to independently predict the poor outcome
  6. It's difficult to find mouthparts in a sentence. 用mouthparts造句挺难的


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