1. Multex offers investment information to financial service companies and individuals.
  2. Multex also continues to sell research from about 350 firms.
  3. You can find institutional ownership information on Multex's Institutional Ownership report.
  4. The deal values Multex at US $ 239 million.
  5. Multex created a Web site that lets individuals read Wall Street research for a fee.
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  7. Multex Investor : www . multexinvestor . com
  8. Here's a look at the new service and how it compares with Multex.
  9. Multex . com Inc ., New York, an initial offering of 3 million shares.
  10. In the meantime, Thompson Investors Network provides much the same kind of service as Multex Investor.
  11. Multex . com, which provides securities research over the Internet, will host and maintain the site.
  12. The leading site for that kind of stuff is Multex . com ( www . multex . com ).
  13. The leading site for that kind of stuff is Multex . com ( www . multex . com ).
  14. As with Multex, enter a ticker symbol and then choose a report from the menu on the left.
  15. Multex does not offer research on a subscription basis but is considering it, says General Manager Jay Yook.
  16. MULTEXINVESTOR . COM : Multex has been selling research reports since November 1998 and says it has 2 million users.
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