multi - function hall造句

"multi - function hall"是什么意思   


  1. a multi-function hall including
  2. the multi-function hall is spectacular and shaped uniquely, can accommodate 5000 people
  3. a large meeting room, a vip lounge and a multi-function hall are available for meeting or celebrations
  4. east hotel multi-function hall that has the largest facilities, which could accommodate 400 people to organize various meetings and banquet
  5. the big and small conference rooms here all are well equipped and also have multi-function hall which can be used for 200 to 250 people inside together
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  7. the multi-function hall for 200 people, together with three conference halls of different size, satisfies the needs of all conferences
  8. the guest house owns the multi-function hall 1, luxurious board room 2 also luxurious party hall, there is parking lot of provide the meeting, the team usage
  9. the hotel has nine conference rooms of large and small size, four e-classrooms seated for more than 60 persons and one multi-function hall
  10. meeting rooms and multi-function hall can meet all kinds of conference . coffee shop, business centre, beauty salon, footbath room and other facility are always at your service
  11. in april of 1999, my tutor met the question that spherical conformation created sound focusing when he reconstructed the acoustics design of multi-function hall of wulingye in yibin
  12. the magnificent conference hall in the hotel would meet various needs . the multi-function hall could be separated into different partitions as required with all facilities
  13. offices in charge of the construction and reconstruction of international conference centers, star-level hotels and multi-function halls as well as their equipment branch and equipment buyers
  14. we particullarly build full support service business center, grand international multi-function hall, medium-sized conference hall, and small-sized meeting room to suit businessguests convenience
  15. there are coffee shop and fitness center in the relaxation center, and the multi-function hall in the canteen provides services like internet surfing, reading room, fitness, pingpong, billiards, and dancery
  16. the unique rising and falling stage design makes multi-function hall space change in many kinds of appearance, which makes it an ideal site for holding large conference, performance, celebration, academic report and feast
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