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  1. "' East Cambridge Savings Bank "'is an mutual savings bank in Massachusetts.
  2. The Bowery Savings Bank, a mutual savings bank was different from commercial banks.
  3. In addition, two mutual savings banks ( SANDUK and MECK ) play a role.
  4. Flushing is a mutual savings bank, meaning that it is not owned by shareholders.
  5. In 1998 the bank converted to a public stock corporation from a mutual savings bank.
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  7. The first incorporated US mutual savings bank was the Provident Institution for Savings, in Boston.
  8. Independence is the third New York-area mutual savings bank to decide to go public this year.
  9. A recent campaign against mutual savings bank conversions spawned charges of of " attempted nationalization ."
  10. "' Ulster Savings Bank "'is a state-chartered mutual savings bank headquartered in New York, with 14 branches
  11. In Britain, the friendly society, building society, and mutual savings bank were earlier forms of similar institutions.
  12. Mutual Savings Bank shares rose 3 3 / 8, finishing at 13 7 / 8 for the week.
  13. Who owns mutual savings banks, anyway?
  14. The first mutual savings bank, founded in Scotland in 1810, was called the " Savings and Friendly Society ".
  15. "' Ridgewood Savings Bank "'is the largest mutual savings bank in New York State and was founded in 1921.
  16. By the end of the 1920s, Harlem Savings was the 22nd largest mutual savings bank in the United States.
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