muziki wa dansi造句


  1. One major example is muziki wa dansi, which is the Tanzanian counterpart of afropop vein.
  2. Already with a second generation of hip-hop artists emerging new, uniquely African sounds have been used more, including " muziki wa dansi, taarab, and Indian filmi ."
  3. Under such restriction, and due to government promotion of musical creativity, many bands formed and new African music styles emerged, most notably in the muziki wa dansi ( dance music ) business.
  4. Muziki wa dansi began in the 1930s in the Dar es Salaam area ( where most dansi bands come from ), and it is still popular in Tanzania, although new generations are more likely to listen to bongo flava or other forms of pop music.
  5. With respect to other muziki wa dansi bands of the 1980s such as Vijana Jazz, that was known for its technical innovations ( e . g ., electronic instruments ) or and Orchestra Maquis Original, that frequently changed their " mtindo " ( style ), Mlimani Park stuck with the dansi tradition.
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