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  1. Muzium Negara, KL ( Yap : 03-2413360 ) 2.
  2. Before this, Muzium Negara chalked an average of two to three million visitors every year.
  3. He moved on to become a Research Assistant at the Muzium Negara ( National Museum ).
  4. TO date more than 125, 000 people have seen the Infidelity exhibition currently held at Muzium Negara.
  5. Also launched simultaneously was a two-month exhibition at Muzium Negara on the Society's history.
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  7. By 1963, Waveney was preparing dioramas and the Hang Tuah mural for Muzium Negara, Kuala Lumpur.
  8. Since the 1970s, he said, Muzium Negara had made numerous announcements of its intention to restore the fort.
  9. The station's working name was KL Sentral, although now, the official name is designated as Muzium Negara.
  10. Not that such remarks upset Dato Shahrum Yub, former director-general of Muzium Negara, who curated this particular exhibition.
  11. Being a known landmark, Muzium Negara does not need to embark on structured advertising, although there are marketing strategies the department undertakes.
  12. Apart from that, Muzium Negara will host a Filipina Exhibition where books and materials on the Centennial and the Philippines will be on display.
  13. KUALA LUMPUR, Fri .-Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Ja'afar today launched the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Malaysian Red Cresent Society at Muzium Negara.
  14. The first Proton Saga to roll off the production line in Shah Alam is preserved in the Muzium Negara as a symbol of the beginning of the Malaysian automotive industry.
  15. Since its opening in August 1963, Muzium Negara has put up many temporary exhibitions which usually coincide with national programmes or issues that the government is trying to create awareness of.
  16. The World's First Infidelity Exhibition currently held at Muzium Negara will be on until March 1999 . It is open to the public from Monday to Sunday, 9am to 6pm.
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