1. The "'Muzizi Power Station "'is a proposed hydroelectric power project in Uganda.
  2. In May 2015, however, the Cabinet of Uganda decided to develop Muzizi without the private investor.
  3. The source of River Muzizi is located in Mubende, with coordinates : Latitude : 0.5772; Longitude : 31.1950.
  4. At this site, the Government of Uganda, plans to construct a 26 MW min-hydropower station, known as Muzizi Power Station.
  5. River Muzizi enters Lake Albert at Ndaiga, in Kibaale District, with coordinates : Latitude : 1.0090; Longitude : 30.5370.
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  7. In February 2014, UEGCL applied to Uganda's Electricity Regulatory Authority for a license to generate up to 44.7 megawatts of power at Muzizi.
  8. Approximately, before River Muzizi empties into Lake Albert, it cascades from an elevation of approximately, above sea level to an elevation of about above sea level.


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