1. Early the next year, Emperor Muzong returned to the capital.
  2. In February 969, Emperor Muzong went on a hunting trip.
  3. Li Heng subsequently took the throne ( as Emperor Muzong ).
  4. When Yuan complained about this, Emperor Muzong punished Liu.
  5. Li Heng thereafter became emperor ( as Emperor Muzong ).
  6. It's difficult to find muzong in a sentence. 用muzong造句挺难的
  7. For days, no official was able to meet with Emperor Muzong.
  8. Emperor Muzong named Niu the new military governor of Chengde.
  9. Emperor Muzong, impressed by Niu, named him chancellor in 823.
  10. Emperor Muzong discovered the letter and executed his uncle.
  11. Neither of these issues would be resolved during the reign of Emperor Muzong.
  12. Emperor Muzong, as Zheng had long served him, particularly honored him.
  13. Emperor Muzong agreed, and commissioned Zhu as the military governor of Lulong.
  14. When Emperor Muzong disagreed, Xiao offered to resign.
  15. Duan complained to Emperor Muzong that the examinations that year were not fair.
  16. Emperor Muzong agreed with Niu and accepted his suggestion.
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