nasal passage造句

"nasal passage"是什么意思   


  1. Yellowish - green mucous from nasal passages or lungs
  2. We breathe through the nasal passage
  3. It probably blocks his nasal passages , because he opens his mouth
  4. Patients inhale a topical anesthetic that numbs their nasal passages and throat
  5. Bad breath originating outside the mouth or nasal passages is , in fact , quite uncommon
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  7. Treatment of 50 cases of angina pectoris with therapy of promoting blood circulation and clearing the nasal passage
  8. The electronic olfactory system , which looks nothing like a nose , will be made up of sensors similar to receptors in our nasal passages
  9. Some continental birds and mammals , for example , have poorly developed respiratory turbinates or nasal passages no larger than those of dinosaurs of similar size
  10. Helps relieve the pain of swollen sinus and nasal passages due to cold nd allergies . for warm application immerse in hot ( not boiling ) water for about 5 minutes
  11. For one out of five unlucky souls in the u . s . , there ' s no mistaking the red , swollen eyes , drippy nose , sore throat and angry , inflamed nasal passages
  12. Often used to treat allergies , antihistamines aren ' t the best for colds because they dry up nasal membranes and slow the mucus flow that helps rid your nasal passages of germs
  13. For example , if your nasal passages are so clogged you can ' t breathe , a one - time dose of a decongestant spray , such as afrinr , has been shown not to have any harmful effects on the fetuses that were studied
  14. This kind of bacteria is usually found in people s throat , nasal passages , skin , hair , and open wounds . it most easily contaminates cakes , ice cream , milk and other dairy products , and egg products


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