1. The " Nassa " location was open and muddy throughout the year.
  2. Like NASA, NASSA suffers some significant setbacks.
  3. All that wealth finds an outlet on Via Nassa, the Fifth Avenue of Lugano.
  4. NASSA representatives felt that social worker shortages demanded a more generalist approach to social work education.
  5. Now there is www . nassa . com, which also features eye-popping nude photos.
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  7. R鰀ing, 1798 was given priority over the genus " Nassa " named by Lamarck.
  8. The Latin word " nassa " refers to " a basket with a narrow neck ".
  9. NASSA acts as a secretariat to the social action centers of the different dioceses all over the country.
  10. Before the closures, which took effect on April 28, Nassa Group operated 34 factories in Bangladesh.
  11. Vidal later transferred the town site to " Nassa " which is located between Barangays Lantap and Santa Lucia.
  12. Soon the newspapers are full of stories about crime and riots, and the achievements of NASSA go unreported.
  13. This move led AASSW, NASSA, and others to establish the National Council on Social Work Education in 1946.
  14. Based on its pharmacological profile, aptazapine may be classified as a noradrenergic and specific serotonergic antidepressant ( NaSSA ).
  15. NASSA / Caritas Philippines is the social development, humanitarian and advocacy arm of the Catholic Church in the Philippines.
  16. Right around the time Starlight Knit-wear took off, NASSA Group ventured off to establish their second factory.
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