night drive造句


  1. Night driving is the most dangerous kind, highway safety officials say.
  2. In 1954 the speedometer got a light for night driving.
  3. One night driving somewhere I noted that the moon appeared very large.
  4. Perfect for night drives on long, winding roads ."
  5. Night driving is particularly hazardous on the old Panama City  Colon highway.
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  7. We take night drives to the beach and the sea rolls into the car.
  8. The new guy on the team is supposed to do all the night driving.
  9. Night driving ability preferred but not absolutely necessary.
  10. Night driving is particularly hazardous in these areas.
  11. On roads where poor lighting and driving conditions prevail, night driving is difficult.
  12. One problem with night driving glasses is that they cut a certain amount of vision,
  13. I recall a December night driving to my parents'home in St . Louis.
  14. Blackout restrictions greatly increased the dangers of night driving and fatalities increased as a consequence.
  15. Adam Anderson took the World Freestyle Championship the following night driving Grave Digger # 32.
  16. Wildlife elephants and bison spill over onto the road, and night driving is discouraged.
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