no abnormalities造句

"no abnormalities"是什么意思   


  1. she has shown no abnormality in intelligence or in disposition .
  2. up to now, no abnormality has been observed . all 479 samples collected in the area since
  3. as for products stored for more than the storing period, perform re-examination and confirm no abnormality of the products before use
  4. after the works of the waterproof layer is finished, check to ensure there is no abnormality before laying beipeng extruded board
  5. a thorough physical examination typically detects no abnormalities but reassures parents that the doctor understands how stressful a colicky infant can be for parents
  6. It's difficult to find no abnormalities in a sentence. 用no abnormalities造句挺难的
  7. usually you will start out having a pap smear every year . if two consecutive examinations show no abnormalities, and in the absence of any worrying symptoms, you can lower the frequency to one pap smear every three years
  8. the sfc shall review the documents supplied by the securities investment trust enterprise, and if no abnormalities are found, the sfc shall approve the application within 30 days of receiving it or receiving the amendments thereto
  9. afcd has maintained a stringent monitoring regime on wild birds in the mai po nature reserve and has been collecting faecal samples for h5 avian influenza tests since winter 2002 . so far, no abnormality has been observed


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