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  1. Sadness and neutrality triggered no bias
  2. There would be no bias towards small groups nor would large organisations be in a more advantageous position to apply the fund
  3. The judiciary is independent from the legislative and executive branches of government , with the courts showing no bias
  4. That means a well - directed brute - force search on a 168 - bit key would , on average , succeed in 2 , 109 attempts , instead of the 2 , 111 attempts that would be expected if no bias existed
  5. As a computer software , expert system ( es ) has some merit such as acute precision , high speed , no tiredness , no bias , etc . , which man is inferior to . along with the coming of information age , the role of es becomes more and more important
  6. It's difficult to find no bias in a sentence. 用no bias造句挺难的
  7. An improved high - resolution current - mode sorter is presented . its structure complexity is o ( n ) , which is crucial to the expansion of its size , and its dynamic range is large . only one clock signal and one reset signal are needed . no biasing signal is required . the operation point is constructed according to the input current , so it is self - adaptive , which is very important for an all - purpose component . in average value circuit , subtraction circuit , winner - take - all ( wta ) circuit and control circuit , it has good performance even at a large input current . this sorter has high precision , high resolution and low power , as has been proved via hspice simulation . it can be implemented in the standard digital cmos technology and widely used in many fields , so it is of great value in applications
    提出了一种改进的高精度电流型排序电路.它的结构复杂性仅为o ( n ) ,便于扩展;动态范围大;它是自适应的,工作点由输入电流确定,故不需要偏置信号,这对作为通用器件使用的排序电路来说是很重要的.通过利用平均值电路、减法电路、 wta电路和控制电路,可以使该电路在大输入电流下依然保持高性能. hspice模拟表明该电路具有高准确性、高精度、低功耗的特点.它能用标准数字cmos工艺来实现,可以被应用于很多领域,具有很高的应用价值
  8. Secondly , based on the investment specifics in every fund ' s 4 semiannual and annual announcements from 2000 to 2001 as data , this paper adopts the testing method of lakonishok et al ( 1992 ) and make an empirical test of chinese security funds " herding behavior . it finds that chinese security funds " herding effect is more significant than american mutual funds " . chinese security funds show no bias to the large - capitalization , small - capitalization , newly - listed and it stocks
    其次,本文根据投资基金2000年到2001年各个中报和年报(共四个报表)中的投资明细数据,采用lakonishok等( 1992 )的检验方法,实证检验了中国投资基金的羊群效应,发现中国投资基金的羊群效应高于美国互助基金的羊群效应,中国投资基金并未表现出对大盘股、小盘股、新股以及信息技术行业样本股票的特别偏好。
  9. Analyzed the importance of due process for sports organizations in sports discipline by case study ; argued due process in sports discipline include elements as independent and no bias deciders , the right of notice , the right of fair hearing ; discuss the duty of proof , the standard of proof , legal representation , cross - examination of witnesses and penalty in hearing ; suggested that sports organization should keep balance between fairness and efficient and basically due process should be available to athletes


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