no path造句

"no path"是什么意思   


  1. There is no path to heaven one can go , no door to earth that one can enter .
  2. To walk , where there is no path , this is faith
  3. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail
  4. There is no path to guide us out of this dismal maze .
    没有任何指引我们跳出这阴惨的迷津的道路! ”
  5. Is used with no path
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  7. Constant always yields the empty string because no path is defined for the my computer folder
  8. Because the test metadata file also resides in that folder , no path is necessary
  9. Do not go where the path may lead , go instead where there is no path and leave a trail
  10. Fail to find the target square , and the open list is empty . in this case , there is no path
  11. In either the specified path or , if no path is specified , in directories specified in the lib environment variable
  12. If you provide no path , the dll must be in the current path at run time , unless the dll is loaded by some other means
  13. Before we descended to this world , we chose a path to walk on . theres no path thats better than another path ; id like to tell you that
  14. Because there is no inherent current directory setting in pocket pc applications , specifying a file name in your code with no path specification returns a
    由于在pocket pc应用程序中不存在固有的当前目录设置,因此在代码中指定文件名而不使用路径规范进行指定会返回一个
  15. Header in this manifest is extensiondemo . jar with no path specified , indicating that extensiondemo . jar is located in the same directory as the extensionclient jar file
    头的值是没有指定路径的extensiondemo . jar ,表明extensiondemo . jar与extensionclient jar文件处在同一目录中。


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