1. (italics ) Adapted from Didier and Beatrice LeClercq, Noirmoutier, France
  2. This stage crossed from the mainland of France to the 蝜e de Noirmoutier.
  3. In 1794 she had participated in the reconquest of Noirmoutier from the Royalists.
  4. The Vend閑ns could then march to Noirmoutier-en-l'蝜e.
  5. Charette became preoccupied with capturing Noirmoutier on the coast.
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  7. Life on Noirmoutier when he was young, he said, was almost medieval.
  8. Also, the first time trial will be on the nearby island of Noirmoutier.
  9. Today, the keep houses the Noirmoutier Museum.
  10. For decades Fromentine has been the junction point for the French isles of Noirmoutier and Yeu.
  11. Ermentar was a monk under Hilbod, who became abbot of Noirmoutier in exile around 826.
  12. He was still freed, as well as his officers as long as they did not leave Noirmoutier.
  13. Condemned to death, he was executed by firing squad in the public square of the town of Noirmoutier.
  14. It was during this period that he completed a swim from Noirmoutier to Pornic in less than five hours.
  15. It was directed by Agn鑣 Varda, and shot in Noirmoutier between September 1 and October 15, 1965.
  16. Her eldest son, Louis III de La Tr閙oille, became the first " Noirmoutier ", respectively.
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