not a bit of造句

"not a bit of"是什么意思   


  1. you would think she would be tired after such a long journey, but not a bit of it !
  2. there is not a bit of fish to be got to-day
  3. not a bit of it, don't blame yourself
  4. it is not a bit of trouble
  5. not a bit of it
  6. It's difficult to find not a bit of in a sentence. 用not a bit of造句挺难的
  7. well, jim, three years have i been here, and not a bite of christian diet from that day to this
  8. for me there was not a bit of fear at the thought that maybe in ten minutes i d be gone . it was a wonderful feeling
  9. [bbe ] it is to be taken in one house; not a bit of the flesh is to be taken out of the house, and no bone of it may be broken
  10. not a bit of it ! superb systems of communication by air, sea and land make it possible for us to visit each other s countries at a moderate cost
  11. not a bit of it . the very opposite . she ll say that she sacrificed her position for them, and that as long as she was with them she was losing money
  12. however, in despite of all the growth and development that china and its enterprises have made and even the success of these m & a transactions, there is a fully negative opinion to the international competitive power of chinese enterprises, even not a bit of affirmation


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