not in our name造句


  1. What is happening in Chechnya is happening not in our name.
  2. Not in Our Name : www . notinourname . net
  3. Not in Our Name : http : / / www . notinourname . net
  4. But the growth in trade has groups like Not In Our Name Houston loudly protesting.
  5. He has also written poems for the Not in Our Name CD, a pro-peace CD.
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  7. In January 2006, McGovern began speaking out on behalf of the anti-war group Not in Our Name.
  8. Among the crowd were a few dozen American protesters, who displayed a banner saying, " Not In Our Name ."
  9. The " Not in Our Name Statement of Conscience " contains a litany of evils committed by the United States across the globe.
  10. Look closely at the " Not in Our Name " petition appearing across this country, and you'll see the same formula.
  11. Chanting " Give peace a chance, " the protesters carried placards with slogans such as " Not in our name ."
  12. "Not in Our Name " or simply " Peace " marched to the edge of the Rota Naval and Air Base.
  13. "I think the power structure in this country is dead set on war, " said Joe Urgo, of Not In Our Name.
  14. He also became a Los Angeles organizer for the October 22 Coalition against police brutality and for Not in Our Name, an antiwar foreign policy organization.
  15. But Tanya Mayo, an organizer for Not in Our Name, an antiwar group, says that lack of enthusiasm will not be a problem for the Republican convention.
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