not in our town造句


  1. Bloomington, Illinois was the first Not In Our Town city.
  2. Not in our yards, not in our town, not anywhere.
  3. PBS and public media stations for key partners for Not In Our Town.
  4. Not In Our School grew from the lessons of Not In Our Town.
  5. They held a screening of " Not in Our Town " in Healdsburg.
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  7. Not In Our Town films have featured creative community responses to hate group rallies and protests.
  8. In 2012, Marshalltown, Iowa launched a proactive Not In Our Town Anti-Bullying Campaign.
  9. Like Not In Our School, the original Not In Our Town story sparked a number of college campus campaigns.
  10. Women groups through Project Kesher started 20 Not In Our Town campaigns across the former Soviet Union starting in 2011.
  11. The MJCC met with local churches and interfaith organizations to organize a public " Not In Our Town " campaign.
  12. Over the past two decades, Not In Our Town produced five PBS documentaries, held thousands of community screenings nationwide.
  13. Not In Our Town follows the citizens of Billings, Montana as they join together to respond to a series of hate crimes in their town.
  14. A perfectly timed reminder of what it means to act like a community is the documentary film " Not in Our Town, " currently playing on PBS stations.
  15. Churches took up a collection, the painters union offered to paint the place for free, and a fund was created called " Not in Our Town ."
  16. Not In Our Town was introduced in three cities in Hungary in Spring 2013, and was presented to six U . S . Embassies in Central Europe by the State Department.
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