not in that way造句


  1. Scarlet's not angry, not in that way.
  2. A : No, not in that way.
  3. No, luckily, not in that way.
  4. And no, not in that way.
  5. "Lee's very vocal, of course, but usually not in that way.
  6. It's difficult to find not in that way in a sentence. 用not in that way造句挺难的
  7. Marissa, surprised, says that she is flattered and loves Bianca, just not in that way.
  8. After some dancing, Tina privately asks Mike to marry her, but Mike gently turns her down, as he does love her but not in that way.
  9. "So many of the events that happened in the film happened in my life, but not in that order, not in that way, not in that place, " she said.
  10. Bronze : The " Crunch This " spot for a new Snickers bar, where people crunched dolls that said annoying things like " I love you, just not in that way ."
  11. "I made a very conscious decision then that I was never going to come here and chase it, not in that way . . . . I keep saying it, but I'm incredibly fortunate with what happened on ` Croupier,'because it changed things'round and opened up a world to me that I still have to pinch myself to believe ."


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