not in the flesh造句


  1. What isn't in the piece is Jones himself-- at least not in the flesh.
  2. Not in the flesh _ that might be stranger still _ but in a photographic portrait by Yousuf Karsh.
  3. And front and center _ there's Cal Ripken _ no, not in the flesh, but the stuff that covers his flesh.
  4. Unfortunately, things aren't so clear-cut as they seem : Hiwa is not quite herself, not in the flesh anyway.
  5. In today's sweet varieties, the compounds may be notable only in the membranes that separate the sections, but not in the flesh.
  6. It's difficult to find not in the flesh in a sentence. 用not in the flesh造句挺难的
  7. Michael Bloomberg is supposed to enter the race for mayor of New York Tuesday, not in the flesh but via a barrage of TV commercials.
  8. He neglected to mention that he would only be there in spirit ( a huge picture of him was hung sideways on stage ), and not in the flesh.
  9. Health authorities believe, but have not documented, that the cyclospora organism stays on the surface of the fruit's skin if is unbroken and undamaged, not in the flesh of any affected fruit.
  10. For he stands and waits not in the flesh, but in bronze in the Great Depression bread line sculpture that is one of the nostalgic tableaux in the new Franklin D . Roosevelt Memorial that opens here Friday at the western edge of the Tidal Basin.
  11. Now the Cars are back, not in the flesh, but on disc, a 40-track double-set retrospective ( with a handful of rare B-sides and unreleased tunes including Iggy Pop's " Funtime " ) called " The Cars Anthology : Just What I Needed, " released on Rhino in conjunction with Elektra Traditions.


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