1. Ohnesorge appealed directly to Hitler and condemned Westrick as an American sympathiser.
  2. Ohnesorge savagely fought these arrangements and tried to obtain the support of Himmler.
  3. The engineer Wilhelm Ohnesorge became the Postal Minister from February of that year.
  4. Ohnesorge first met Hitler sometime in 1920, and they became good friends.
  5. Behn told Westrick to use Schr鰀er and the protection of the Gestapo against Ohnesorge.
  6. It's difficult to find ohnesorge in a sentence. 用ohnesorge造句挺难的
  7. The Ohnesorge number is the ratio between viscous and surface tension effects within the thread.
  8. More precisely, liquids whose Ohnesorge number is larger than 0.1 and smaller than 1 are jettable.
  9. Other notable on-air personalities include Western bureau chief Steve Ohnesorge, who started as a photographer at WBTV in 1975.
  10. However, for unknown reasons, these charges were later revoked, and Ohnesorge was not penalised for his involvement with the Nazis.
  11. "' Michael Ohnesorge "'( born 29 September 1983 in Wittenberg, Saxony-Anhalt ), is a defender currently playing for TV Jahn Hiesfeld.
  12. In 1937 Wilhelm Ohnesorge, minister of the Reichspost, acquired the " Hakeburg " mansion as his residence and established a large research facility of communications-electronics here.
  13. Ohnesorge was also intrigued by the possibility of party propagation through wire signals and radio, and became known as something of a technician for his work in making the latter technically possible.
  14. For example, his research on nuclear physics and high-frequency technology was financed by the " Reichspostministerium " ( RPM, Reich Postal Ministry ), headed by Wilhelm Ohnesorge.
  15. In inkjet printing, liquids whose Ohnesorge number is less than 1 and greater than 0.1 are jettable ( 1 < Z < 10 where Z is the reciprocal of the Ohnersorge number ).
  16. As it eliminates the effects of inertia and the need for a velocity scale, it is oftentimes more convenient to express scaling relationships in terms of the Ohnesorge number rather than the Reynolds and Weber number individually.
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