on mark engineering造句


  1. Conversion work was undertaken by On Mark Engineering.
  2. In response to this, the On Mark Engineering Company of Van Nuys, California was selected by the Air Force to extensively upgrade the Invader for a counterinsurgency role.
  3. The "'On Mark Marksman "'was an American high-speed civil executive aircraft converted from surplus Douglas A-26 Invader airframes by On Mark Engineering.
  4. Much early development of conversions was carried out by Grand Central Aircraft, whose drawings and personnel were taken up by the On Mark Engineering Company of Van Nuys, California from about 1955.
  5. On Mark Engineering Company remanufactures 41 old airframes as one YB-26K and forty B-26Ks with new spars, larger engines and rudders, and new 1964 fiscal year serial numbers which see use in Southeast Asia, and which will be redesignated A-26As for political reasons.
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