one-to-one correspondence造句

"one-to-one correspondence"是什么意思   


  1. Two sets are said to be equivalent if and only if they can be placed in one-to-one correspondence .
  2. It is legitimate to envisage a more or less one-to-one correspondence between cloud nucleus concentration and the concentration of cloud droplets .
  3. These two mechanisms are not the one - to - one correspondence , but merge each other , having together effects
  4. We show that there is a one - to - one correspondence between the complex symmetric compact set and the spectrum of the real operator
  5. Often you make the simplifying assumption that the subsystem has a one - to - one correspondence with the enterprise components
  6. It's difficult to find one-to-one correspondence in a sentence. 用one-to-one correspondence造句挺难的
  7. In this case , matchstring and newstring must be the same length , because there is a one - to - one correspondence between their characters
  8. Property should preserve object identity and should only be used to return objects that have a one - to - one correspondence to their respective overlaid items
  9. When the four bases order is definite , the amino acid order of one - to - one correspondence protein is definite , and genes determined ultimately the feature of organisms
  10. For maximum nongaussianity estimation , uniqueness means that there is a one - to - one correspondence between local maxima of nongaussianity and independent sources . different from the former works , e . g . ,
  11. This dissertation introduces the idea of extracting skeleton in digital image processing , develops a skeleton - based approach for solving the tiling problem that inserts intermediate section and establishes a one - to - one correspondence of contours between sections
  12. The main results are as follows : ( 1 ) there exists an one - to - one correspondence between the invariant measures of mutually topologically equivalent semi - flows , and there also exists an one - to - one correspondence between the invariant measures of a continuous map and that of its suspended semi - flow
    我们证明了如下结论: ( 1 )在拓扑等价的连续半流的不变测度之间以及在连续自映射及其扭扩半流的不变测度之间存在一一对应,并且这对应保持遍历性。
  13. In the first chapter , the one - to - one correspondence between mild solutions of an abstract deday equation and mild solutions of an associated abstract cauchy problem is shown , and necessary and sufficient conditions for existence and uniqueness of mild solutions of the abstract delay equation are obtained
  14. Then we have : theorem 1 provided that h = be a weak hopf - coalgebra ; then we have : in the third section , we mainly study the - comudules : the weak hopf - comodules ; and we get the main results as : theorem 2 suppose c is a - coalgebra , then we say : ( a ) there is a one - to - one correspondence between ( isomorphic classses of ) right - comoduleover c and ( isomorphic classes of ) rational - graded left c * - modules
    为c在订上的模作用,它在直和项上的模作用形式为:上面三步影射依次为: z呛p (叩广。 ,山二clmhxclmhx ;吮z ;丽,迟儿的;是指q与c之间的自然匹配定理2设c为7t一余代数,则以下结论成立: ( a ) c上的右。


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