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  1. Furthermore , the thesis explores on various operational tactics for convenience stores , and makes the following conclusions : accurate market position and appropriate strategy is essential to successful convenience stores ; location is a key to customer flux ; complete logistic system is necessary to improve the operational efficiency and reduce the operational costs ; chain is helpful for rapid development of convenience stores
  2. The managerial techniques , operational tactics or way of thinking , that were prevalent in the old times of industrialization , can no longer work as well as they used to . the present management is faced with significant variations , including transition of managerial environment , organizational transform , reform of managerial techniques , restructuring of human resource quality , procedural readjustment of managerial strategies , reconstruction of corporate culture , alteration of thinking mode , etc . the globalization will enable the traditional management to be reincarnated through the course of tremendous changes
  3. Abstract : this paper discussed mainly the operational tactics of the moderate management on the condition of longterm land contractual management on household basis , put forward the main operational tactics : initiated the transference and concentration of the right of farmland use ; stressed to input funds , science and technology , labor and to provide good service in order to improve the productivity of land ; recognized the difference between developed areas and the less developed and adroitly guided action according to circumstances
  4. The paper ' s meaning consists two points : the first , it makes enterprises attach importance to automobile brand in consciousness and know it afresh ; the second , it advances some operational tactics by demonstration analysis , which can be used for reference by enterprises and industry
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