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  1. Recent findings : grafts are not merely passie ictims , but rather participants . therapeutic tolerance is an operational term in which the graft is spared damage despite lack of ongoing drug immunosuppression
  2. 1 application for setting up the office : the application shall include background of the enterprise , business conditions , purpose of the office to be established , name of the office , person in charge , scope of business , location and operational term . application shall be signed by the chairman or president of the enterprise together with the enterprise s seal
    L .设立机构的申请书:内容包括企业背景业务情况设立目的机构名称负责人业务范围设在地点设立期限等,申请书需由该企业董事长或总经理签署并加盖公司印章提供原件。
  3. Sole foreign proprietorship , hereinafter referred to as the foreign - invested enterprises , shall pay their reduced enterprise income tax at the preferential rate of 15 % fifteen percent . for those with business operational term not less than 10 years shall have , upon their applications approved by the bda tax administration , two - year tax holiday and ensuing three - year half - reduction starting from their first profit - making year
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