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  1. The option analysis for strategic commitments flexibility
  2. Rationally applying real option analysis theory to strategic decision - making
  3. Real option analysis on strategic investment decision under competition and cooperation
  4. Traditional project appraisal sees and acknowledges risk , but disregards the fact that managerial actions will mitigate those risks and thereby preserve or even increase value ? very much to the contrary , real options analysis marries uncertainty and risk with flexibility in the valuation process
  5. In this paper , i introduced a new method , namely the contingent claims analysis or real options analysis ( roa ) for the decision - making of investment under uncertainty . beginning with financial options , i introduced the relationship between financial options and real options , and then made a comparison between roa and the npv method which is popular now in decision - making of investment , and through two examples , illustrated how to solve for the values of real options by various methods , such as binomial trees and definite difference methods
    论文以金融期权的相关理论为起点,引入了实物期权的相关概念,分析了金融期权和实物期权的关系,并对实物期权与传统的投资决策方法? npv法进行了比较,指出npv法由于无法适当的估计蕴含于投资项目中的管理灵活性的价值而往往容易造成对投资项目的低估;在两个实例中通过使用不同的方法介绍了如何求解实物期权的价值。
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  7. From theory , this thesis offers a new real options analysis frame based on integration of the real option theory research of these days . from method , we have applied the financial option models to evaluate the real - options existing in real investment projects , we focus on exercising the existing models and analyze what shortcomings are there when we do so . after that , we offer a new model to evaluate the switch options improved on option pricing theory , in this empirical research , we replace labour force cost with daily wages


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