ornamental sculpture造句

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  1. Ornamental sculptures were designed by Stanislaus Cauer.
  2. In 1979 Shiraz was awarded the State Award of Armenia for his ornamental sculptures decorating the facade of the Dvin Hotel in Yerevan.
  3. The Corning museum boasts the world's most comprehensive collection of glass objects, 35, 000 items ranging from giant ornamental sculptures to mass-produced soda bottles.
  4. The main portal is decorated with paired columns, spiraling vines in high relief and ornamental sculptures in niches on both the upper and lower levels.
  5. As a result of his highly regarded figural and ornamental sculptures, he was awarded a number of sought-after prizes in recognition of his artistic contributions.
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  7. Unique in the Islamic architectural tradition, the author considered the Chaukhandi tombs a most original and independent contribution to Islamic sepulchral architecture and ornamental sculpture.
  8. Stokes would list himself as " architect-in-chief " for the project and hired Duboy, a sculptor who designed and made the ornamental sculptures on the Soldiers'and Sailors'Monument, to draw up the plans.
  9. These days, most of that stretch below the subway tracks _ along with dozens of similar sites throughout the neighborhood _ is lined by newly constructed, privately owned, pastel-shaded row houses set off by wrought-iron gates, some bearing ornamental sculptures.
  10. Trinchero then moved to Buenos Aires, where, encouraged by the Marquis Carlos Morra, opened a workshop on ornamental sculpture, from where, in Argentina flourishing of the first decades of the twentieth century, was devoted to ornament many public and private buildings.
  11. The beautiful ornamental sculpture in Brunelleschi's Sagrestia Vecchia shows how far Donatello would go with his sculpture in order to provide it with an effective frame in the extraordinarily vigorous modelling of the broad, slanting surrounds of his overdoors and medallions ."
  12. The ornamental sculpture of the building, which is richer than that ordinarily found in German cathedrals, is attributed to Erwin's workshop, from which came also the monument to Conrad de Lichtenberg ( 1240 1299 ) in the chapel of St . John.
  13. Published the book " Examples of Ornamental Sculpture in Architecture Drawn from the originals of Bronze, Marble, and Terra Cotta, In Greece, Asia Minor, and Italy-in the years 1818, 1819, 1820 and part of 1821 .-By Lewis Vulliamy Architect and engraved by Henry Moses . " Size 470 x 330mm . 40 n0 folios . ( Digitised version, Unibibliothek Heidelberg ).


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