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  1. For information about other provider type values , see the
  2. Other providers deliver event data using different mechanisms
  3. Our other providers know this and therefor accept the deferred payment
  4. When this option is set to 0 , sql server allows ad hoc access against other providers
    如果未设置此选项, sql server也不允许即席访问。
  5. Identifiers that are valid for one provider might not be valid for other providers
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  7. Whether the education department will enter into similar agreements with other providers of internet services
  8. The instructions should be valid with minimal modifications also for a bluetooth or infrared connection and for other providers
  9. Other providers can integrate with visual web developer if they follow visual studio industry partner vsip standards
    如果其他提供程序遵循visual studio行业合作伙伴计划( vsip )标准,则它们可以与visual web developer集成。
  10. Empower clients to improve their health through providing evidence - based , quality assured service in partnership with other providers
  11. The tools may also generate any other provider - side artifacts required by jax - rpc to deploy the implementation as a web service in an application server
    这些工具还可以生成jax - rpc将该实现部署为应用程序服务器中的web服务所需的任何其他提供程序端构件。
  12. Bonds or notes backed by loan paper or accounts receivable originated by banks , credit card companies , or other providers of credit ; not mortgages
  13. Any other providers you want in the call chain must be specified here , because including a provider here overrides all defaults specified in any template
  14. A service component is a service provider that defines the service interface that it exposes to consumers , and zero or more service references that it consumes from other providers
  15. Attribute . specifying providers overrides any default providers ; if you intended other providers to be invoked in the course of the channel sink call chain , you must specify them here
  16. The tools create a complex type definition embedded in the wsdl types element for each data type javabean used in the public methods in the java class . they also create an operation element in the porttype for each public method in the java class . the tools may also generate any other provider - side artifacts required to deploy the implementation as a web service in an application server
    这些工具都能够:基于步骤2中的java类的签名生成wsdl文档;为该java类的公共方法所使用的每个数据类型( javabean )创建一个嵌入到该wsdl文档的types元素中的复杂类型定义;为该java类的每个公共方法在porttype元素中创建一个operation元素;生成将该实现部署为应用程序服务器上的web服务所需的任何其他提供程序端构件。
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