oxygen lead造句

"oxygen lead"是什么意思   


  1. A significant loss of oxygen leads to environmental perturbations.
  2. Higher than normal concentrations of oxygen lead to increased levels of reactive oxygen species.
  3. A drop in dissolved oxygen lead to closing of these channels which results in depolarization.
  4. One of the key investigators hypothesized that repeated drops in oxygen lead to the brain injury.
  5. It has been demonstrated that high concentrations of oxygen lead to generation of oxygen free radicals, which have a role in reperfusion injury after asphyxia.
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  7. O shift of TMS or triisopropylsilyl ( TIPS ) substituted precursors with tetrahedral silicon atoms to an adjacent carbonyl oxygen lead to aromatic Brook-type silabenzenes.
  8. Lying under one of them they find a piece of what looks like " a high-altitude oxygen lead " that is used in the Y-13.
  9. Simply just building a bigger furnace and using bigger bellows to increase the volume of the blast and hence the amount of oxygen leads inevitably into higher temperatures, bloom melting into liquid iron and, cast iron flowing from the smelters.


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