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  1. Emasol 520b is an emulsifier system designed for use in formulation emulsion and micro - emulsion type soluble oil with paraffin base oils
    Emasol 520b系特为以石蜡基础油制作太古油或微乳液型溶水油而设之套装配方添加剂,建议适用剂量在15 - 45 % 。
  2. Thermox d500 is manufactured from highly refined paraffin base oil combined with effective additives package to assist in keeping system clean and resist oxidation and thermal cracking
  3. Tests indicate that emasol 520b should be used at 15 - 45 % by weight in paraffin base oil . and an excellent rust protection and hard water tolerance can be achieved
    Emasol 520b在极低的剂量比率即可获得优异的防锈效果与耐硬水性能;添加剂量比率愈高,其乳液则愈呈澄清与稳定。
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