paris - charles de gaulle airport造句


  1. Its main base was Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport.
  2. Its main base is Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport.
  3. The airfield now forms part of the site of Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport.
  4. Following a strike at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport, they land in Corsica.
  5. It operated chartered passenger and cargo flights, mostly to and from Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport.
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  7. KLM partner airline Air France ran the same pilot at its hub at Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport.
  8. In 1995 Maersk opened flights from Billund to Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport and the following year to Amsterdam and Stockholm.
  9. Autoland is the only way some major airports such as Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport remain operational every day of the year.
  10. There are connections to the rest of the world via London Heathrow Airport, Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.
  11. The station sees services between Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport and Saint-R閙y-l鑣-Chevreuse via Gare du Nord in Paris.
  12. Servair has its head office in the Continental Square complex in Roissyp鬺e, Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport and in Tremblay-en-France.
  13. Two years later, in 1999, services to Europe were inaugurated through a code share service with Air France, to Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport.
  14. "' Franck Goldnadel "', born 14 August 1969, is a French public servant and director of Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport.
  15. There is a flight on Mondays from Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport to Sal and on Thursdays from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport via Munich-Riem Airport to Sal.
  16. Completed in 1956, the four-domed design inspired terminals at John F . Kennedy International Airport in New York City and Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport.
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