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  1. Its main base is Paris-Le Bourget Airport
  2. The airline's base is Nantes Atlantique Airport with an office at Paris-Le Bourget Airport.
  3. In 1969, Air Alpes began flying the Chamb閞y to Paris-Le Bourget Airport route with five daily flights Monday through Friday.
  4. It was a project led by the architects MMM Roberto ( Marcelo, Milton and Mauricio Roberto Doria-Baptista ) inspired in the Paris-Le Bourget Airport terminal.
  5. On January 27'th 1951 lightning struck the Alitalia Savoia-Marchetti SM . 95B " Ugolino Vivaldi " ( registration I-DALO, eerily named after the first Italian pilot killed in an aviation accident falling from his plane in 1910 ) during a flight from Paris-Le Bourget Airport in Paris, France, to Roma-Ciampino Airport in Rome, Italy.
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