1. Anthony Paterra is a former member of the Pittsburgh band The 1985.
  2. Paterra wanted to use the 3-4.
  3. Moore and Paterra reconvened Zombi to support Goblin on their 2013 North American tour.
  4. Paterra featured on the second Brain Machine album " Peaks ", released in May 2016.
  5. In 2007 the band ceased touring and Paterra began to explore his solo recordings while continuing to collaborate with Moore.
  6. It's difficult to find paterra in a sentence. 用paterra造句挺难的
  7. Ford was unhappy with the team's defense all season and defensive coordinator Herb Paterra likely will be the fall guy.
  8. He is Herb Paterra and he showed great moxie in sticking with his game plan and believing in his players despite Dallas'dominating start.
  9. Eddy favors the same aggressive 4-3 as defensive-line coach John Terrlinck, who survived a power struggle with Herb Paterra, the former coordinator.
  10. After VCO Recordings ( part-owned by Paterra ) has released the Lawler album " Opus ", the two decided to collaborate under the name Contact.
  11. Their pieces often feature flowers, animals, and fairies, and have been worn by style icons such as Farah Pahlavi, the Duchess of Windsor, Grace Kelly, Jordan Paterra, and Elizabeth Taylor.
  12. Allmusic critic, Heather Phares noted " While the album is satisfyingly epic, Paterra's real artistry is in how he brings listeners back down to earth frequently enough so they don't get lost in space.
  13. That won't be easy against a team whose defense has improved markedly since the twin defensive coordinators, John Teerlinck and Herb Paterra were ordered by Fontes to stop the front four from going one way and the back seven another.


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