1. We can place pcp in the apartment and cups in the corner
  2. When you came out of it , we tested . you were negative for pcp
  3. Took a look inside and what did they see ? two keys , and a gallon of pcp
  4. It would be a good way to get rid of all the pcp we have lying around
  5. He was given a form of a " truth serum " drug that may have been lsd or pcp
  6. It's difficult to find pcp in a sentence. 用pcp造句挺难的
  7. In the third part , the pcp model of salary system ’ s design and its
  8. Referring physicians were categorized as a primary care proider ( pcp ) or specialist ( internist , ob / gyn )
    研究人员将咨询医生分成两类:初级护理医师( pcp )和专业医师(内科医师:产科医师/妇科医师) 。
  9. Referring physicians were categorized as a primary care provider ( pcp ) or specialist ( internist , ob / gyn )
    研究人员将咨询医生分成两类:初级护理医师( pcp )和专业医师(内科医师:产科医师/妇科医师) 。
  10. The importance and complexity of prioritizing construction projects ( pcp ) in urban road network planning lead to the necessity to develop an aided decision - making program ( admp )
  11. Htway htway was receiving cotrimoxazole to ward off pcp , a form of pneumonia , was on other antibiotics to fight mycobacterium avian complex and was receiving treatment for tuberculosis
  12. Results indicated that hrp could effectively oxidate pcp in aqueous solution . factors , such as acidity , temperature , enzyme activity , and initial concentration of pcp and h
  13. In contrast to amphetamine , which mimics only the positive symptoms of the disease , pcp induces symptoms that resemble the full range of schizophrenia ' s manifestations : negative and cognitive and , at times , positive
  14. You can then click probable cause possible solution pcps to view information explaining the cause of the event and in some cases to access a link to the database from which you can correct the error
    使用到场提醒,可以在文档中查看人员姓名,或查看并告知此人是否在线(通过球形图标指示) ,如果在线,则可以单击该姓名来启动聊天会话。
  15. Then we consider the applications of music structure to audio - based mir and music summarization based on the labeled music structure information . first we extract the pitch class profile ( pcp ) feature vector through the analysis of music representation
  16. The group suggested seeral possible reasons that pcps , and specialists to some degree , were either missing or ignoring recommendations for workup , including a lack of understanding as to what constitutes appropriate secondary ealuation
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