pcr test造句


  1. One version of the PCR test is known as the DQ Alpha.
  2. Her lab handled the RFLP tests, but not the PCR tests.
  3. PCR tests are susceptible to false positive results from poor laboratory technique.
  4. My question is does the NHS provide PCR tests for genital warts?
  5. His type under another PCR test known as D1S80 is 24, 25.
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  7. A PCR test can also be run using the RNA of the virus.
  8. PCR tests are more accurate than antibody tests.
  9. On the 14th, she was confirmed to have novel flu by PCR test.
  10. A diagnostic PCR test has been developed to detect the abalone virus in 2010.
  11. Chemerinsky said of the PCR test results.
  12. Antiserum is available for all three potyviruses, as are primers for PCR tests and sequencing.
  13. The PCR test did not falsely identify other unrelated viruses in the studies, the agency said.
  14. Diagnosis is made mainly by virus isolation in tissue cultures, or through ELISA or PCR tests.
  15. Due to the nature of the PCR test, we can only consider these two result states.
  16. The PCR test looks at several distinct genes with sequences that can vary slightly from person to person.
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