1. The third article described a  middle-of-the-road showing at the PCRC championships.
  2. Three boats would put up wins at the 1986 PCRC Regatta as the crew continued to solidify its growth.
  3. After retiring professionally, he played for PCRC ( Perak Chinese Recreation Club ) as a defender and played in Ipoh Premier League.
  4. On 19 June 1998, the government of Panama turned over control to the private Panama Canal Railway Company ( " PCRC " ).
  5. As an expression of its global vision, PCRC also sponsors the local Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue with its domestic effectiveness and global impact.
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  7. Contact the Panama Canal Railway offices at ( 507 ) 317-6070; infopanarail . com; www . kcsi . com / pcrc . html.
  8. The team would field a few small boats in the spring bringing a V4 +, a W2-, and a novice 4 + to PCRC in 2007.
  9. Through the Civic Engagement Initiative, PCRC promotes parent involvement in schools, facilitates dialogues on public issues, trains community leaders, partners with community agencies and links residents to public policy makers.
  10. He resurrected a Central Committee including himself, the PCRC secretary Harbhajan Sohi and two leaders from Andhra ( Madhu and Anand ), which was to function until a regular conference would be held.
  11. All known functional perchlorate reductase enzymes include genetically similar versions of pcrABCD except for the epsilonproteobacteria " Arcobacter " strain CAB, which lacks a traditional pcrC and appears to have replaced it with an unrelated epsilonproteobacteria cytochrome.
  12. On June 19, 1998 the government of Panama turned over control of the Panama Canal Railway to Kansas City Southern Railroad and the privately held Lanigan Holdings, LLC . This created the Panama Canal Railway Company ( PCRC ).
  13. The Post-Conflict Research Center ( PCRC ) is a Sarajevo-based non-governmental organization, which aims to nurture an enabling environment for sustainable peace and facilitate the restoration of inter-ethnic relationships in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
  14. Some situations in which PCRC provides facilitation services include organizations that need to develop a strategic plan, public meetings in which neighbors come together to share concerns and ideas, staff or work groups who want to work out a conflict, organizational retreats, and city government public participation processes.
  15. Perchlorate reductase is usually encoded as a combination of four genes, denoted pcrABCD . The active subunits are pcrA and pcrB which form a periplasmic dimer similar to the active complex in nitrate reductase . pcrC is a believed to be a c-type cytochrome that connects the AB complex to the membrane and allows for electron shuttling.
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