1. Joseph Pequigney argued in his book " Such Is My Love " that the Fair Youth was an unknown commoner.
  2. This line also contributes to the reason why this sonnet has been called " A Disquisition Forbidding Masturbation " by Joseph Pequigney.
  3. Yet when watered down, Pequigney argues that this simply states that Shakespeare is only acknowledging that he enjoyed knowing the young man.
  4. Renowned Shakespeare critic Joseph Pequigney writes in his book Such is my Love that line 10, " makes the most open reference to auto-eroticism.
  5. This, as Pequigney claims, is further proof " that nothing sexually amiss is to be found in the lyrics of that Shakespeare composed for the youth ."
  6. It's difficult to find pequigney in a sentence. 用pequigney造句挺难的
  7. At the very least, Shakespeare thinks that he owes it to the youth to break up with him, due to what Pequigney calls " the narcissistic wound ".
  8. Joseph Pequigney said that Shakespeare's sonnets have " erotic attachment and sexual involvement with the fair young man with whom all of sonnets 1-126 are concerned ".
  9. Joseph Pequigney says that Sonnet 1 does serve an introductory and does it unconventionally; " it might on that very account be seen as a befitting way to begin the least conventional of Renaissance love-sonnet sequences ".
  10. Alternately, Pequigney believes " the answer [ as to what the couplet means ] depends on our mood as we read it . " He maintains that " we learn more about ourselves when we interpret this poem than we do about its author ."
  11. Joseph Pequigney notes : " . . . the opening movement give [ s the ] expression to one compelling case . . . The first mode of preservation entertained is procreation, which is urged without letup in the first fourteen poems and twice again ".
  12. As Pequigney explains, in this sonnet not only is the speaker trying to convince his friend the young man to have children, but he is making an argument against masturbation, which is something the speaker sees as selfish and a waste of the young man's great genetics.
  13. Josephy Pequigney, Professor Emeritus of English at the State University of New York at Stony Brook and author of Such Is My Love : A Study of Shakespeare's Sonnets, argues that this new method of immortality provides the speaker with " an alternative means of salvaging the beloved, a means solely at his command and independent of the biological means that would require the youth to beget children on one of those eager maidens . " He adds that this may indicate " an intensification of the protagonist's love and, as it is born of and nourished by beauty, its amorous character ."


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