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  1. The Van?ek method was then simplified in 1976 by Nicholas R . Lomb of the University of Sydney, who pointed out its close connection to periodogram analysis.
  2. Schuster is perhaps most widely remembered for his periodogram analysis, a technique which was long the main practical tool for identifying statistically important frequencies present in a time series of observations.
  3. In 1963, J . F . M . Barning of Mathematisch Centrum, Amsterdam, handled unequally spaced data by similar techniques, including both a periodogram analysis equivalent to what is now referred to the Lomb method, and least-squares fitting of selected frequencies of sinusoids determined from such periodograms, connected by a procedure that is now known as matching pursuit with post-backfitting or orthogonal matching pursuit.
  4. Scargle states that his paper " does not introduce a new detection technique, but instead studies the reliability and efficiency of detection with the most commonly used technique, the periodogram, in the case where the observation times are unevenly spaced, " and further points out in reference to least-squares fitting of sinusoids compared to periodogram analysis, that his paper " establishes, apparently for the first time, that ( with the proposed modifications ) these two methods are exactly equivalent ."
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