1. The three reading rooms are respectively called Olivieri, Passeri, and Perticari.
  2. At the head of the Lombard school were Monti and his son-in-law Count Giulio Perticari.
  3. The church housed tombs for many of the prominent families of Pesaro, including the Almerici, Antaldi, Baldassini, Gavardini, and Perticari.
  4. The stones are on display at the Biblioteca Oliveriana, a Library and Museum in Pesaro housing the collections of Annibale degli Abati Olivieri, Giovanni Battista Passeri, and Giulio Perticari.
  5. Perticari, whose intellect was inferior, narrowed and exacerbated the question in two treatises, " Degli scrittori del Trecento " and " Dell'amor patrio di Dante ".
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  7. He painted the portraits of the " Crown Princess of Denmark " ( 1822 ), and of the " Countess Costanza Monti Perticari " now found in the Galleria Nazionale d'arte Moderna in Rome.
  8. The first houses the white Carrara marble bust of Olivieri, sculpted by Sebastian Pantanelli in 1791 92; the second houses a portrait of the archaeologist Passeri; and the third houses part of the library of the illustrious scholar and linguist Giulio Perticari ( 1779 1822 ).


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